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About us

Enel Energía México offers your company the best
energy solutions.


We are committed to providing you the best alternative
for your electrical power needs and, as a Qualified Supplier, to represent you
in the Wholesale Electricity Market while providing advice on fulfilling the new
regulations in the Electricity
Industry Act.


We create tailor made services for our customers in
order to boost their competitiveness in the market.

About the Enel Group

Enel, which was founded in Italy in 1962, is the
biggest multinational energy company in the world, with a presence in more than
30 countries across four continents, giving us global
experience in open energy markets and a solid financial backing.

We have more than 65 million end users, our distribution
network spans
more than a million kilometres and we have an installed capacity of 90 GW.

In 2015, Fortune Magazine listed us as one of the five companies
that will change the world, which shows our drive for innovation and our
commitment to our clients and society.

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efficient and competitive