Energy solutions to improve your business

Climate change, pollution and dwindling natural resources have meant that businesses have to look for energy solutions to keep their companies operating without further jeopardizing the planet. Many companies have already joined this fight, but others are not yet aware of the many options that are already available. Read on to discover the best options for your business.

Representation of circular economy Circular economy

To start talking about this topic, it's important to explain what energy solutions are exactly, and why they have become a business necessity. The search for energy solutions goes hand in hand with the climate change crisis and the increasingly pressing need to move away from our dependence on fossil fuels and traditional gas and energy consumption. Scientists and specialists in the field have been warning us for more than 40 years of the need to seek planet-friendly solutions that will enable us to improve our living conditions and those of future generations.


Businesses and companies have different solutions available using the seven types of renewable energy (not all of which are available in Mexico): solar, wind, hydro, biomass, biogas, ocean energy, geothermal energy, green hydrogen, and wave energy. Of these, solar and wind energy are among the most widely used at present.

Physical PPAs

These are renewable energy contracts that use energy from the sun, water, wind, and earth, which is then sent directly to the company's premises through an electricity grid. The customer can choose between two different types of contracts. In the first, sustainable energy is supplied through an agreement between the energy supplier and a retailer; in the second, a retail service contract is offered. When contracting this type of renewable energy, the customer receives an energy approval certificate guaranteeing that the energy is of green and sustainable origin.


Under this option, companies obtain different benefits in the short and long term, such as maintaining a fixed price and not being affected by price increases in the energy market. Other benefits are helping to increase renewable energy capacities (ideal for supplying different access points), reducing GHG scope 2 emissions thanks to the EACs, and enhancing energy transition thanks to additionality.

Virtual PPAs

This type of financial arrangement is designed to suit all types of businesses, large or small, and enables them to profit from large-scale renewable energy production customized use. Among the advantages for businesses is that they can bypass the need to change supplier, and receive energy at more than one location, also known as a multi-site service. The customer will also be able to save money by not having to pay for energy supplies, given that a physical supply of electricity is not included. Among other outstanding benefits we can also mention:


- There is no limit to the number of charging points.

- GHG scope 2 emissions are also reduced thanks to EACs.

- Contracts can be customized according to the company's characteristics and demands.


With the Virtual PPA, customers can agree on the amounts of energy they need according to their own priorities and can gradually switch to the energy solutions that the planet so badly needs. Moreover, they will not have to make any major changes or request another supplier because the EACs system (a guarantee of green origin) will continue to work with their existing energy supplier. 


Of particular note is that Enel customers can purchase renewable energy certificates from any technological provider. This provides an element of added value to their product portfolio and services and clearly helps to support the most important sustainability goals.


You should carefully examine these available options to establish which one best suits your company's needs and then take the final step towards making a commitment to the planet and future generations. Remember that energy companies are constantly looking to push the boundaries of technology and stakeholder awareness, so don't hesitate to discuss any questions you may have with advisors, so that you can find out what's new and get your business up to speed with these new solutions.