Energy transition: paving the way through multi-sectoral collaboration

The involvement of public and private institutions is essential in order to achieve energy transition in Mexico and all around the world. That is why we would like to invite you to join the future of sustainable energy and take advantage of the numerous clean energy options to boost your business operations.

Energy transition Multi-sectoral collaboration

Our country is facing significant energy-related challenges, such as the increasing environmental challenges arising from the fossil fuel-based generation and use of energy. However, thankfully, more companies are prioritizing the need to use clean energy in their processes because, in addition to being a key tool for mitigating the current climate effects, they also provide a cost-effective solution for their business.


Meanwhile, the Mexican government has also recognized the key role of renewable energies in combating global warming, which is why it has made global commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 22% to 35% over the next eight years. In order to achieve this, public and private institutions must work together.


In view of this situation, and with the aim of achieving a sustainable energy transition, here at Enel Mexico we are working to provide the best solutions according to our global commitment, which is to promote the social and economic development of communities through sustainability. This is achieved through cost-effective options for our customers and for the environment, and always in collaboration with public institutions. We work in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by providing access to clean energy (SDG7) and taking urgent action to combat climate change (SDG13).

Working together for energy transition in Mexico

We are aware that we are not alone on this journey towards a more sustainable future. More young people want to be part of it and are calling on companies to ensure that the services and products they consume go through sustainable supply chains. These chains seek to ensure sustainability throughout the entire process, from the sourcing of raw materials right through to the final delivery to the consumer.


While the issue of sustainable supply chains can be challenging for many sectors, it is a necessary transition both for the sake of the planet and for business profitability. Nevertheless, if we all work together to create and implement these processes, it will become increasingly easier to shape a greener future.


In this sense, we believe that the more energy solution options companies have, the more efficient their business operations will be. A simple example of this is how light bulbs work. Even though they are indispensable for lighting our living and working environments, we are so used to them that we don't take into account the circuits that the light has to go through to reach them.


Clean energy, the core of energy transition

To imagine a day without lighting to carry out our daily activities is quite simply impossible. However, this is a harsh reality for 13% of the world's population. It is, therefore, important that we all work together to reduce this percentage and ensure access to affordable, clean, and safe energy for the world's entire population, quite simply because we're aware of the vital role it plays in our daily lives. For this reason, it is essential that we ensure that all energy sources originate from clean energy chains.


We should remember that energy-saving light bulbs were invented in the 1980s, a completely innovative idea consisting of white light that, in addition to lasting longer and producing less heat, could reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. Although this invention revolutionized the world, today's climate scenario demands additional solutions to reduce our energy footprint.


So, how do you think we could improve on those light bulbs? What if we could harness resources such as the sun and the wind to light our living and working spaces? Well, this is already a growing reality in several countries, and we are confident that, in the near future, we will have new tools available to help us to reduce energy usage without having to compromise any of our activities, and that these will also help to reduce our overall carbon footprint.


Here at Enel, we seek to continue to support Mexico's development, using our experience in technology, innovation, and sustainable growth in order to achieve a fair energy transition. Our hallmarks as a business partner are transparency, flexibility and a personalized service for each customer. Furthermore, we deliver the required energy aligned to the core sustainability values that our planet requires.


Sustainability is a profitable business model. Join us and be an change agent at work, at home, and all around the world.