Green energy solutions available in Mexico

Faced with the imminent environmental impact, countries like Mexico should focus their efforts on clean energies. Here we tell you what they are and which ones exist.

Clean wind energy source on open land Clean wind energy source on open land

In December 2015, the Energy Transition Law was approved in Mexico, a law that establishes the participation of clean or renewable energy sources in the country's energy generation. The goals were clear: 


  • 2018 - 25% clean energy presence.
  • 2021 - 30% clean energy presence.
  • 2024 - 35% clean energy presence


As a result, it is important to ask ourselves some key questions: What is renewable energy? Are there types of clean energy in Mexico? Did we accomplish it in 2018? How are we doing in 2021? How will we do in 2024? Let’s take a look.

Green energy, why should we talk about these types of energy?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify what we mean by clean or green energy sources. We understand these concepts as those energies derived from processes that do not generate polluting gases for the environment. Many people confuse them with natural energies, however, there is a fine line that separates them. The greatest example is energy derived from natural gas or oil. These are acquired in nature, specifically, from the subsoil, however, burning them generates polluting gases with repercussions for the ecosystem.

What clean energy sources exist in Mexico?

As mentioned by the Ministry of Energy (SENER), 25% of the energy used in the country during 2020 came from green sources under the following scheme: 


  • Hydroelectric energy - 8%

  • Wind energy - 6%

  • Photovoltaic or solar - 4%

  • Geothermic - 1.47%

  • Bioenergy - 0.27%

Wind and solar, the most promising clean energy sources

Many academic experts and researchers in the energy field agree that we must analyze the environmental characteristics of our regions to bet on smarter strategies for energy generation. From all the clean energy sources in the country, two have enormous potential:


Solar or photovoltaic energy for the center and north of Mexico.


According to international studies, our country is located in the coordinates most favored by the sun's rays, which translates into an unparalleled natural opportunity to collect solar renewable energy. It seems that states such as Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, Baja California Sur, Sinaloa, Durango and other large parts of central Mexico could generate up to 5.5 kWh per square meter per day.


Wind energy from the Gulf


Due to the tropical position of our country and the entry of winds from the coasts, the installation of wind farms in the states of the Gulf of Mexico would be the best bet of all. In addition, states such as Baja California Sur, Sinaloa, Zacatecas, Hidalgo, Oaxaca and Quintana Roo cannot be ignored.


Regardless of which option is chosen, Mexico must implement these clean energy sources for the development of the country, society and the world. Today, private and public organizations must work together to find intelligent solutions to combat climate change. In fact, there is a company that devotes its efforts to the production of green energy. Find out who we are talking about in this blog.