For us it is a matter of the utmost importance how we obtain, use, disclose and store (any of them and all together hereinafter, “Process”) the personal data that you voluntarily provide us (hereinafter, "Personal Data"), and in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, its Regulations, and applicable guidelines (jointly hereinafter, the "Law"), by means of this Integral Privacy Notice (hereinafter, “Notice”), we inform you about the characteristics and purposes of the Process that will be given to your Personal Data. 



Who is the data controller of the Processing of the Personal Data? 


The controller for the processing of the Personal Data collected via the website (hereinafter, the “Website”) is Enel Energía, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter “Enel Energía México”) with domicile at Av. Ejército Nacional No. 769, Torre B, Piso 17, Colonia Granada, C.P. 11520, Mexico City, Mexico.




What Personal Data do we collect?


Enel Energía México will process the Personal Data you provide to us in accordance with the following categories of Personal Data: (a) Identity Data, (b) Contact Data, (c) Employment Data, and (d) Wealth and Financial Data. 


The acceptance of this Notice implies that the Personal Data has been voluntarily provided to Enel Energía México. Likewise, you acknowledge as your responsibility the authenticity and timeline of your Personal Data.


Enel Energía México is not responsible for any Personal Data that you voluntarily publish in our comments sections or through our social networks. Such data are not required, desired, or monitored, so you are solely responsible for the unsolicited publication of Personal Data of yours or third parties in our comments sections or through our social networks.



What are the purposes of Data Processing? 


The purposes of the Processing of the Personal Data you provide to Enel Energía México are the following:


1.  Primary purposes: (a) to be able to identify you, (b) to contact you to discuss any matter related to the products or services you wish to contract, are contracting or requesting information, (c) to send you information that you request from us, related to our products or services, (d) when required, (e) to interact with you in different electronic means (public or private) in which you voluntarily participate or contact us, (f) to comply with instructions from customers and/or third parties with whom we have a legal relationship, and (h) for the optimal navigation of the Website.


2. Secondary purposes: (a) For statistical purposes (without processing of Personal Data) and (b) to offer employment.


3. Advertising purposes: (a) to eventually contact you to promote our products, services or events. 


In accordance with article 8 of the Law, we require your express consent for the Processing of your Personal Data of a financial and patrimonial nature. If you do not manifest your opposition to the Processing of your financial and/or patrimonial Personal Data, it will be understood that you consent as this will have the purpose stated in fraction IV of article 10 of the Law.


You may manifest your reject regarding the Processing of your Personal Data for secondary or advertising purposes within 5 (five) business days following the delivery of your Personal Data, by contacting Enel Energía México at the following email address:, and in such case, your data will be included in a list of exclusion of use for secondary or advertising purposes. If you require more information, you may request it to the email described above.



How to exercise the ARCO Rights and/or Revocation of Consent for the Processing of Personal Data?


If you have any questions or comment for Enel Energía México regarding to this Notice or the Processing of your Personal Data; to exercise your rights to Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition (hereinafter, “ARCO Rights”) regarding your Personal Data; to revoke the consent you have previously granted regarding the Processing of your Personal Data in accordance with this Notice and the Law; and to make use of, exercise, or inquire about the options or means by which Enel Energía México may limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Data, contact our privacy department at the following email address: The Access to your Personal Data will be provided in digital format.



To whom is Personal Data transferred? 


In order to comply with the Processing Purposes set forth in this Notice, Enel Energía México may transfer your Personal Data to national or foreign third parties, in particular: (i) to its parent company, affiliates, and/or subsidiaries (each a member of the “Company Group”); (ii) to service providers, strategic allies, and professional consultants related to Enel Energía México and/or other members of the Company Group; and (iii) to third parties that enter into or participate in merger, acquisition, joint venture, assignment, transfer, restructuring or corporate reorganization transactions in connection with Enel Energía México or any other member of the Company Group.


The transfer of your Personal Data will be made only in those cases in which the Law allows it. By means of this Notice we inform you that, although all the members of the Company Group have similar instructions and operating procedures in all the jurisdictions in which they operate, the transfer of your Personal Data may be subject to certain risks related to the particularities of each legislation applicable to your Personal Data and to the Processing of the same executed by such members.


By granting your consent to this Notice as provided below, you expressly consent to the transfer of your Personal Data as provided above and in this Notice.



Events in collaboration with other entities 


Due to the nature of the activities of Enel Energía México, we inform you that it is possible that we may carry out events in conjunction with other entities, companies, associations or institutions, in which case the privacy notices of such organizations will apply simultaneously, each of them being responsible for the Processing of your Personal Data, without this implying the transfer or remission of Personal Data.



Interaction with other entities or electronic platforms 


Enel Energía México informs you that when you interact with Enel Energía México by electronic means, you may use platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, videoconferencing tools, among others. Each of these platforms must have its own privacy notice, so they are responsible for the processing of your Personal Data, without this implying transfer or remission of Personal Data. The Processing of your Personal Data by these entities or platforms will be subject to their own privacy notices and may be subject to the legislation of other jurisdictions.



Use of cookies 


To ensure that this Website is being well managed and to facilitate better navigation, Enel Energía Mexico or our service providers may use cookies (small text files that are stored in the user's browser) and/or tracking technologies such as web beacons (also  known  as  pixel  tags,  electronic  images  or  Flash  objects  that  allow  counting visitors who have accessed a particular page and accessing certain cookies) (any of them  and  all  together  hereinafter,  “Cookies”)  to  collect  information  when  you  visit our Website.


For additional information on how we use Cookies and how you can manage them, you can review our Cookie usage notice.



Modifications to the Privacy Notice 


Enel Energía México reserves the right to modify or amend the terms of this Notice at any time, and in case there is any change in this Notice, we will communicate it by publishing the date of the last amendment to this Notice in the corresponding section of our Website. The amendments will be effective as of the last revision date (“Last Revised Date”). We recommend that you review the content of this Notice on our Web Site at all times so that you remain informed.



Consent for the Processing of Personal Data 


By means of this Notice, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Notice and that you grant your free, specific, informed, unequivocal and declared express consent to the Processing of your Personal Data in accordance with the purposes and in all the terms described in this Notice.  


LAST REVISED DATE: September 27, 2021.