A more sustainable future can only be achieved by working together.

At Enel, we work with the leading companies in various industries, all of which have chosen to bring about positive impact on the planet and their clients through the use of clean energy and sustainable practices.


Sustainability creates a closer relationship with clients, beyond the purchase of a product or service.

In the competitive landscape companies face when positioning themselves with better reputation among their interest groups, corporate sustainability is no longer an option: it is a necessity that has become an essential part of the companies’ organizational core. The current market has been marked by a trend towards responsible consumption — consumers are looking for more than just a product or service: they are looking to generate a positive impact on society and the environment, aware that small actions can make a big difference. Sustainability has positioned itself as an added value that significantly influences purchasing decisions.


Companies are starting to realize that being sustainable is more than just making isolated efforts that fail to involve all stakeholders and have no real continuity and impact at a macro level: these efforts must be aligned with a strategy that promotes 360° care for natural resources and people. Transitioning to renewable energies and including sustainable practices involves everyone who is in favor of the corporate responsibility that "demand generation" requires. Today's companies are looking for more than just the best costs; they are looking to ensure their consumers that they have incorporated sustainability into their value chain.

Sustainable partnerships for a better future.

Organizations seeking to secure a BCorp certification, or those that already have it, seek to comply with a series of indicators that commit them to maintaining good practices and oblige them to make changes in their procedures. These changes meet the needs of society, which demands that companies become a part of the solution and not part of the problem that exposes the environment and inequality.


These changes become the engine of credibility that affects society's perception of the companies’ final products or services. This trust not only affects the opinion and decision making of the external audience, but also the sense of belonging of company associates who, by feeling part of an internal movement to help the environment, increase their sense of duty and, therefore, their productivity, which benefits and grants competitive and economic advantages to companies.


The approach organizations that have taken the path towards sustainability have adopted requires partnerships with other companies that have a track record in achieving and realizing common goals. To promote sustainable business and social development, the most advisable course of action is adopting a focus on renewable energies and energy efficiency, on decarbonization and electrification of new sectors, as well as on the circular economy to move towards an energy transition that contributes decisively to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The new role of companies: the creation of a fairer and more sustainable world

The new role of the companies is to modify their operations and to direct them towards a beneficial change for society and the environment. Renewable energies are no longer just an attractive option in the eyes of the consumer, but also for internal stakeholders. These energy sources are speeding up the competitive advantage, as they are also reaching price parity and exceeding expectations in terms of reliability and respect for the planet.


We are convinced that the present and future of Mexico depends on great actions and companies that become agents of change. Enel Mexico is a source of support for companies concerned about fulfilling their mission of caring for the health of our planet and the people who inhabit it. Together, accompanied by innovation and creativity, we form a synergy that seeks to generate shared value for our partners' operations, as we believe that only by joining efforts can we achieve an action plan in favor of people and the environment, priority objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Our goal is to bring sustainability to more and more people and ensure that sustainable energy is present in the day-to-day production processes, products created and services offered. We can only achieve this through companies that are committed to the future and are aware of the current challenges facing the world. That is why our business partners are a fundamental part of our portfolio. Our portfolio is not only made up of companies that are well positioned and recognized in their field, but also of companies that are aware and committed.