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Cookie NoticeThis Cookie Notice (hereinafter, “Notice”) provides information for users on the way we use cookies and/or monitoring technologies to collect information as web beacons (also  known  as  pixel  tags,  electronic  images  or  Flash  objects  that  allow  counting visitors who have accessed a particular page and accessing certain cookies) (any of them and all together hereinafter, “Cookies”) to collect information when visiting the website  (hereinafter,  the  “Website”)  of  Enel  Energía,  S.A.  de  C.V. (hereinafter, “Enel Energía México”).


If  you  surf  on  our  Website,  you  are  accepting  the  use  of  Cookies  under  the  terms established in this Notice.



What are the “Cookies”?


Cookies are small text files that websites send to users’ devices (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone, notebook, etc.), where they are saved and then sent back to the same sites on the user’s next visit. Cookies may require the user’s prior consent.


Cookies allow the device on which they are stored to be identified for the entire period of their validity or registration. During visits to the Website, navigation data-related information received from the user’s device may be stored in cookies installed on the latter.


Cookies perform different functions and make navigating the Website more efficient by remembering the user’s preferences and enhancing their navigation experience. They can also help personalize the advertisements shown during navigation and the marketing activities aimed at the user, ensuring that they reflect his/her interests and preferences.


Cookie settings can be changed at any time. The following information provides further detail about the cookies used by the Website and the ways the settings relating to them can be managed.



Types of cookies that we may use


When a user connects to the Website via their web browser, cookies may be installed on their device in order to enable the Website to recognize that device, ensuring the effective use of the Website for the lifetime of the cookies, and to collect information on accesses to the Website.


When navigating the Website, cookies may also be sent to the device from other sites or servers (hereafter the “Third Parties”); these may contain certain elements (e.g. images, maps, sound, specific links to pages in other domains) present on the web site being visited. With regard to this profile, these may be:


    (a) Cookies of origin: Sent directly by Enel Energía México to the user’s device.


    (b) Third party cookies: Sent by a third party but on Enel Energía México’s behalf.


Depending on the purpose of the Cookies, these can be divided into:


    (a) Technical Cookies: These Cookies are necessary to enable the operation of basic  functions  of  this  Web  Site,  such  as  providing  secure  access  or  using security features while browsing. The Website cannot function properly without these Cookies.


    (b) Personalization Cookies: These Cookies allow us to analyze how you use this Website in order to evaluate and improve our performance. They may also be used  to  provide  you  with  a  better  customer  experience  on  this  Website.  For example, remembering your login details, obtaining information about how our Website is used.


    (c) Advertising  Cookies:  These  Cookies  are  used  to  show  you  advertisements that are more relevant to you. We may share this information with advertisers or use it to better understand your interests. For example, advertising Cookies may be used to share information with advertisers to make the advertisements you  see  more  relevant  to  you,  to  allow  you  to  share  certain  pages  on  their social networks or to allow you to post comments on our Website.



How to manage Cookies?


We inform you that we can only store Cookies on your device if  they are  strictly necessary for the operation of our Website (denominated technical Cookies). For all other types of Cookies, we need your consent, which you can change or withdraw at any time from the Cookies Setting Panel settings on our Websites.



How can you manage Cookies through your browser settings?


Almost all  web  browsers  allow  you  to  check  which  Cookies  are  on  your  hard  drive, block all Cookies or receive a warning every time a Cookie is installed. In some cases, however, failure to install a Cookie may make it impossible to use some areas of such website.


Below are the main ways in which the most popular browsers enable users to choose their Cookies use options:







If  you  are  using  a  mobile  device,  you  should  consult  the  instruction  manual  for information on how to manage Cookies.


For  further  information  on  cookies  and  also  on  how  to  view  the  ones  set  on  your device, how to manage or remove them, visit Allaboutcookies.


Please note that this Notice is part of our Privacy Notice.




Modifications to the Cookies Notice


Enel Energía México reserves the right to modify or amend the terms of this Notice at any time, and in case there is any change in this Notice, we will communicate it by publishing the date of the last amendment to this Notice in the corresponding section of our Website. The amendments will be effective as of the last revision date (“Last Revised Date”). We recommend that you review the content of this Notice on our Web Site at all times so that you remain informed.



DATE OF LAST UPDATE: September 27, 2021.