Now, more than ever, consumers are demanding responsible products, which is why sustainability has become an important player in business. Today, more and more companies are committed not only to their consumers, but also to the environment and are aware of the value of adding renewable energy to their processes.


The International REC Standard is a non-profit organization that has been working since 2014 to provide a robust renewable attribute tracking system for use by national governments, stakeholders and IREC market participants. It operates in 22 countries, including Mexico.


This system not only has international recognition, it also allows tracking of the energy associated with the REC, from its generation, source, location, and date of production.


What should you know about this type of certificates?



  • I-RECs can be used by users seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and who have sustainability goals within their business strategies. 
  • An IREC is an international renewable energy certificate, recommended in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG-Greenhouse Gas).
  • Each i-REC guarantees that 1 MWh of energy has been generated from renewable sources, such as a solar or wind farm.
  • In our country, the International REC (i-REC) standards are operated in parallel to the LEC system.
  • RECs are provided with a unique identification number and a series of data supporting the origin of the energy.
  • REC owners are free to choose how to use them.


We believe sustainability to be an integral part of the value chain. Companies that decide to invest in RECs, in addition to generating a positive impact, have the opportunity to inform the public that they supply their activities with renewable energies.


We are ready to work together for a more sustainable future.