Open Power, the energy of people

Enel has a clear purpose and mission for the implementation of innovative energy solutions. Discover our Open Power vision.

Woman wearing an Enel Green Power vest in a solar energy plant Woman wearing an Enel Green Power vest in a solar energy plant

Together we can create an incredible future today. At Enel, we have two plans that converge with each other to achieve the same goal: collaborate with and create sustainable businesses. Below, we will explain our proposals in more detail.

Enel, we work for economic sustainability

We have a very clear purpose: open energy for a bright future. We also believe that inspiration and innovation can come from anywhere, so we are constantly looking for knowledge outside our company and industry. We work on collaborative platforms that allow contributions from different sectors:


  • University students

  • Energy startups

  • Multinational industrial allies


Only by rethinking the way we innovate can we revolutionize the industry and develop technologies or solutions that have the power to shake up old markets and create entirely new ones.


This is the direction in which we focus our daily commitment, the same one that motivates all of us in the Enel team. We are Open Power to improve everyone's future, drive economic sustainability, leave no one behind and make the planet a more welcoming place for future generations.

Enel's clear mission

Opening access to energy is our big goal and we will achieve it with the passion, energy and enthusiasm of people who want to change the world. If an Open Power world reflects our vision, opening access to energy is our mission. But how do we work to achieve it?


  • Opening energy access to more people


We are expanding to reach and connect more people with safe and sustainable energy, especially in South America and Africa.


  • We are opening new uses for energy


We are developing new services that use energy to respond to global challenges, with special emphasis on connectivity and electric transportation. Mexico is a critical country in the latter area.


  • We open new ways for people to manage energy


We are developing new processes that meet people's real needs, helping them use and manage energy more efficiently, specifically through smart meters and digitalization.


  • We open the energy world to new technologies


We are pioneers in the development and application of new technologies for more sustainable energy generation and distribution, particularly through smart grids and partnerships with sustainable companies.


  • We open new alliances


We work with a growing network of research, technology, new product development, and marketing partners to build new solutions together.

We work for and with you

Enel interacts with millions of families, industries, and businesses to offer customized products and services that help build a relationship based on trust, transparency, and smart energy use in innovative ways. Customer centricity is at the heart of our development efforts, enabling customer engagement in the energy transition on a wide range of levels. Learn more about us here.