A history with the vision of the future

Published January 25 2017

“Enel was able to gather together 270 local companies established in the early 20th century to supply energy to cities of the region.”

For over a decade, the challenge was to cover every part of the Italian territory in order to connect diverse communities and provide them with energy, from the highest mountains to plains and islands.

The experience of opening the doors to the future of the world from our country of origin, allowed us to overcome the energy crisis in the 70s and expand our boundaries in the 80s. Always leading in the evolution of the energy sector.

This same legacy keeps us in constant innovation. We were the first to create first-class hydroelectric plants, participate in the development of technology for nuclear energy and lead they way in harnessing the power of the sun, the wind and the heart of the Earth.

A new age

Our experience with the opening of the market in Italy and the transformation of the company into a private entity, allows us to properly face the challenges of the new millennium and grow our presence around the world.

Spain, United States, Canada and Brazil were the first markets of the Global Village with which we created new opportunities.

“We followed the road of digitalization and the era of smart technologies, having already conceived and installed the first electronic meters in 2001”.

Then we reached new markets such as Africa and Asia and then we settled in countries like Mexico, where the electricity market opened up allowing new players to participate, which in turn strengthens the capabilities of the market and allows it to take advantage of technological advances and keep pace with the future.

Today we have more than 120 ongoing projects, guaranteeing access to electricity to over 1.5 billion people. We support the communities where we have a presence and promote their development in 450 projects, mainly carried out in Africa and Latin America.


All of this is built on our half a century of work, which consolidated our presence in over 30 countries across five continents, but above all else, it drives us to work to offer a better future.

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