Energy Manager, the expert your company needs

Energy Manager, the expert your company needs

The new model that now serves the Mexican electricity sector allows companies to choose the supplier that will deliver them the electricity they require for their production processes. Now they are able to choose from many different Qualified Suppliers.

With the past scheme, companies were only able to choose between two options:

  •   Pay the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) their consumption based on a formula that calculated the industrial tariff they must pay and increased month by month making it hard to predict future consumption.
  •    Organize themselves as self-sufficient entities that could be, small producers, co-generators or independent producers with all the risks implied of not having backup in case the generator did not meet the needed demand of energy.


Today, business owners can choose Qualified Suppliers that represent them in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and offer them the possibility of purchasing electricity at competitive prices through attractive contracts that offer more services, like suggestions for more efficient installations.

In this sea of options that the new energy market offers, it is important for companies to take the best decisions for their needs, and for that they require the help of an expert that can help them choose a tailored made solution.

The need for this kind of advice has created the role of the Energy Manager, which is something that Enel Energía México offers all its clients. The Energy Manager is an expert who can understand the production process of your company and goes beyond just knowing how many megawatts are used, and can help you come up with solutions to make your energy consumption more efficient. This is what the economic reality demands: the need to identify how to make the most of every invested peso.

Companies need more than just pay their energy bill; they need certainty regarding what they are paying and access to stable and attractive prices that allow them to plan for growth and become more competitive.

All of these services are now within reach of companies in Mexico. You just need to choose an Energy Manager that will understand your company’s needs and is able to offer you a solution that provides ease of mind and the momentum to continue on the road to success.

We have prepared a tutorial program so you can make the best decisions for your company