Efficiency: The Hallmark of the Wholesale Electricity Market

Lets imagine the WEM as if it was a Stock Market, where public and private enterprises compete. In this context, Generators must have efficient energy plants, that will permit them to offer their product at competitive costs, or no one will want to purchase their electricity.

On the other hand, the representatives of companies with high use of electricity, known as Qualified Service Suppliers under the new law, will purchase electric energy and power at the best available price, with the intention of offering attractive contracts to their clients, known as Qualified Users under the new law.

With these changes now in place, your company can now choose which plan best adjusts to its necessities: whether that be participating directly in the MEM or getting in touch with one of the suppliers that has been certified by the Energy Regulatory Commission. The benefit of becoming an ally of one of these suppliers is that they must guarantee delivery of a comprehensive offer of Energy, Power and Clean Energy Certificates (CEL) and any other services that will help your installation be more efficient.

This is now the new reality, get informed and take the best decisions for your company.

We have prepared a tutorial program so you can make the best decisions for your company