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First Session: The new energy sector in Mexico.

Mexico is changing the history of the energy market by breaking paradigms and allowing new players into the market. Today, the country has a Wholesale Electricity Market with benefits and opportunities for Mexican companies. Get to know what it entails.

Enel Energía Mexico, has prepared a certification program, composed by 6 short tutorials. To access all of them, leave us your contact information to continue with the training.

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Enel Energía México Certification

Sessions 2 to 6

2. How do I know if I am a Qualified User?

Many companies in diverse sectors in the country have the opportunity to register as Qualified Users.

3. Choose your energy supplier

The opening of the energy market in Mexico has allowed new energy suppliers to enter the market.

4. Now, how much am I going to pay for electricity?

With the incoming Wholesale Electricity Market the costs of electricity will acquire unique characteristics that are important for you to know.

5. Finalise your contract covering everything.

Your new energy supplier must comply with all the conditions established by law in the contract.

6. Enel Energía, your energy ally.

As a Qualified Supplier we have experience in open energy markets around the world.